Qualifying Education 60 CPE 2020


60 Hours: 45 Hours Federal Law, 15 Hours California Tax Law

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Qualifying Education 60 Hours

45 Hours Federal Law

15 Hours California Tax Law




  1. Is this the QE course I need to be able to prepare taxes in 2021? Also, what is the deadline to complete the course and make sure I get my bond so I can prepare taxes by next year?

    1. Our QE course is a book correspondence course. There are six final open book exams that cover Federal Tax Law, California Tax Law, Corporations, Partnerships, Estate, Gift, Fiduciary Tax, and Ethics. A 70% score is required for each Final exam and there is not a charge for retakes to achieve a 70% score. You will want to finish this course prior to January 2021. CTEC requires a criminal background check and fingerprints before registering with CTEC. You can also call us at 1 800 995 1747 for additional information.

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